A Gratefull Moment

I've experienced something to be grateful for. I am so grateful to have a mother who always takes care of me, and loves me wholeheartedly. Although she has many problems, she always puts me first and sacrifices a lot for me. Once one night I stayed up for work, my mother looked worried and told me to wear a jacket or blanket. But I refused her advice, because I was lazy to get my jacket. At first my mother kept quiet while watching me occasionally. Then suddenly my mother held out my jacket. There I am very grateful that I have a mother who still cares about me even though she is often busy. I was so moved that I wanted to cry. But I held back my tears and thanked my mother. As long as I wear a jacket, I keep thinking about my mother's love for me. Thank you mom, no words can symbolize how grateful I am to God for having you become my mother.

I also feel grateful to have a father who always spoil me, and sacrifice many things for me. During my life until now, I hardly ever see…

My New Friend

Situation: In the library

Raisa: Excuse me, do you know where's the english book for grade x?
Zahra: Yes, I know. Its on the bookshelf number 4 row 3.
Raisa: Thank you, by the way, what's your name?
Zahra: My name is Zahra, and you?
Raisa: Oh hello Zahra, my name is Raisa.
Zahra: Hello Raisa. What are you doing in the library?
Raisa: I want to borrow an english book, and you?
Zahra: I want to do my economy homework.
Raisa: What grade are you?
Zahra: I'm 10th grade Science 11, and you?
Raisa: I'm 10th grade Science 12. What's your hobby?
Zahra: My hobby is reading a novel.
Raisa: Oh really? me too. What's your favourite genre?
Zahra: My favourite genre of novel is anything unless romance.
Raisa: If your homework is done, do you wanna go back to class with me?
Zahra: Sure! wait for me okay?
Raisa: Ok, I'm going to borrow english book now.
Zahra: Ok!

All About Me!

Hello guys!

My name is Yasmin Aulia Zahra. You can call me zahra. I live in Babakan Ciamis street number 58, Bandung, West Java. I was born in Bandung, 21 May 2002 and now i'm 15 years old. This is my first time using blog, so that means i'am a newbie. I'am studying at SMAN 3 Bandung, grade X MIPA 9.

 I have one big sister. Her name is Valya A. Karima. and i also have one little brother. His name is Eigen Yusuf Ausath. My mother's name is Tuti Ermiyati and my father's name is Asep Hendra Mulyana. My mother is beautiful, kind, friendly, and very fierce when she is angry. She has a sincere heart. She hates the hypocrites. My father is kind, calm, rarely even never angry and funny. He seldom socializes.

I have one cat that i named as Mamiunk. I consider her my sister. she's cute but sometimes she can be very mean. Almost every day i got a scratch from her. But its okay, i love her for what it is. Mamiunk is very funny. Everytime i go home and feel bad. she always …