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     The octopus is a mollusk animal of the Cephalopoda class (the animal's leg is on the head) the Octopoda sequence with coral reefs in the sea as the primary habitat. Octopus consists of 289 species, accounting for one-third of the total species of Cephalopoda class.

A. Classification

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Cephalopoda
Order: Octopoda
Family: Octopodidae
Subfamily: Octopodinae
Genus:  Octopus

B. The Life Cycle Of Octopus

       The male octopus enters the sperm into the female octopus's mantle using a special arm called
hectocotylus. A few months after the mating period, the male octopus will die. After fertilization, 
months later the female octopus will lay eggs (can reach 200,000 eggs) where the egg passes
through the oviduct, the ovum is wrapped in a membrane like a capsule produced by the ovidpat
gland. While in the mantle hole, various nidamental glands will give extra layers or coat the eggs
and hang a collection of egg-shaped capsules that form a strand in the nest of the ceiling. The
octopus mother was very concerned about the eggs. They will keep the predator nest and gently
flush the water currents so that the eggs do not lack oxygen. The female octopus does not eat
during her egg treatment (up to 6 months). Shortly after the eggs hatch, the octopus will die. After
the eggs hatch, the octopus larvae will float along the plankton herd as they target copepods, crab
larvae, and starfish larvae until they are large enough and heavy to lie on the seafloor. Teenage
teenagers grow rapidly, due to the short lifespan of octopus. Most species of octopus live
between 12-18 months and breed once in their lifetime. After the age of 1-2 years, the adult
octopus is ready to mate. The cycle is repeated.

C. Uniqueness

1. Octopus spray ink as a way of self-defense
   2.Specialized skin cells called chromatophore allow the octopus to disguise by imitating the            surrounding environment
3.Octopus has three hearts.
4.Octopus is known as a smart animal.
5.Octopus can enter a small gap.
6.Octopus has a short lifespan.
and many other uniqueness



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