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My Inspiring Person

Dato Sri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin known as Malaysias sweetheart. Her exceptional talent and humble personality makes her an idol for all walks of life including the younger generation. Siti Nurhaliza born on January 11, 1979, in Kuala Lipis, Pahang, Malaysia) she is a multiple-award winning Malaysian pop singer-songwriter. She is currently the most successful Malaysian singer.

Dato Sri  Siti Nurhaliza has achieved various accomplishment at such an early age. Her kick-start in the music industry was at the age of six through Sirih Pinang, a song that she sang in conjunction with her school mid-semester closing. She then braved herself to join various singing competition. she won the competition with her powerful vocal. Dato Sri Siti was recognised officially among Malaysians when she participated and won Bintang HMI, a star search competition hosted by RTM in 1995. That was the beginning of her career as a singer. Dato Sri Siti Nurhaliza's career was planted and blossomed locally an…



     The octopus is a mollusk animal of the Cephalopoda class (the animal's leg is on the head) the Octopoda sequence with coral reefs in the sea as the primary habitat. Octopus consists of 289 species, accounting for one-third of the total species of Cephalopoda class.

A. Classification
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Mollusca Class: Cephalopoda Order: Octopoda Family: Octopodidae Subfamily: Octopodinae Genus:  Octopus
B. The Life Cycle Of Octopus

       The male octopus enters the sperm into the female octopus's mantle using aspecial arm called hectocotylus. A few months after the mating period, the male octopus will die. After fertilization,  2 months later the female octopus will lay eggs (can reach 200,000 eggs) where the egg passes through the oviduct, the ovum is wrapped in a membrane like a capsule produced by the ovidpat gland. While in the mantle hole, various nidamental glands will give extra layers or coat the eggs and hang a collection of egg-shaped capsules that form a strand…